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Reverend Suprine Murove is married to Stella. He was born in Zimbabwe and is now Life Christian Centre’s Pastor where he leads the church in gentle humility, preaching God’s Word with great enthusiasm. An ex Zimbabwean Government Chief Technician employed in the Surveyor’s department as a Cartographer, has travelled extensively throughout the world to countries such as Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.  

But it was in the Netherlands that he had an experience that was to change his life forever, as he had an encounter with The Lord. At the end of that training period in Netherlads (one year), Suprine had begun his Christian journey.Their search for a home church in Zimbabwe took some time and interesting experiences led them to Faith Ministries, where he experinced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. In January 1990, He was sent out together with his wife and family to start a new Faith Ministries congregation in Budiriro township of Harare.

In 1989 they had decided to immigrate to Canada as he had found a job there but due other problems, the family then decided that he should fly to England to see if they could make a new life there.  The rest is history as they say …. Life Christian Centre was inaugurated whilst he was at Bible College in 2010. Suprine is now a holder of a Bsc degree in Theology and was ordained by Bishop David Carr in Solihull under the Order of St Leornard.




Norman Atterbury is married to Lorraine. He is an ex-Rhodesian who immigrated to South Africa in 1984.  His start in a new country was impacted by several setbacks, not the least of which was divorce.  Struggling to find employment and take care of two very energetic young children saw him learning new skills in parenting. In 1990 he re-married and shortly afterwards was recruited to start exploration, developing and eventually managing a lime mine in the North West of South Africa.

After three years of living as weekend spouses his wife joined him in managing the mine.  Life was challenging.  In order to cope with yet another setback in their family his wife dragged him to an Alpha course.  He remembers going along to the lessons which were mostly sociable, with his six-pack of beers.  He was not interested in being a ‘Christian’.  However, she persevered and when he made excuses not to attend she would take the cassettes home and play them for him on TV.  He decided to suffer through the six weeks and at the end when they introduced the Holy Spirit all he could say was “Is that it?  So where is the power they talk about?”  This started a search for him that has ultimately culminated in him being a second year student at Charis Bible College with aspirations to ‘go into all the world and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!’



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