Pray the Answer by Norman Atterbury

Readings from Mark 5:18ff,Legion, Jairus daughter, Woman with flow of blood.

This man had been tied with chains but he would break them But we learn the devil has no match against Jesus.

Jesus had been driven out of the Gadarenes. If you are not welcomed, leave and go we’re you are welcomed.

Jairus had a problem, daughter was about to die, he was a ruler of the synagogue. Jairus humbled himself before Jesus. He was determined. He loved his daughter but he was religious.  The centurion said say the word only and she will be healed. Jairus didn’t have the faith so wanted Jesus to his house but centurion knew the power of the word. He spoke the answer that if only Jesus says the word. That’s how we should pray. We should pray the word. The fact was the child was sick but the truth was by his stripes we are healed.

The woman with the flow of blood had suffered for 12 years. She heard about Jesus, his reputation, his power. She had tried all other doctors and it failed. There were too many people, she considered unclean because of her disease. She risked her life by forcing her way through the crowd in faith knowing as soon as she touched the hem of his garment she would be healed. Faith without works is dead, we have to fight our way through.

There were a lot of people touching Jesus but they didn’t get anything because they didn’t do it in faith. They touched him out of curiosity but as soon as the woman touched her power left him. She beg for it but by faith she took her healing, she drew the power Jesus. The disciples were in the flesh they were surprised Jesus said he had been touched.

The woman came fearing and trembling before him and she knew she had been unclean so she confessed. Jairus was still waiting and had to be disciplined and Jesus told him fear not if though he had been told the daughter is now dead.

Jesus rebuked the people for wailing and crying. He put them out. Even in Nazareth he could not do much because of their unbelief. He only took in the people who had faith. We have to separate ourselves from unbelief. Jesus then just said two words in faith “talithacumi – Get up”  and she did. Al the promises of God are yes and Amen








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