Visiting Us?

what to expect

Thinking of coming to LCC? So here is what you will find:

The People:

The people at LCC are very nice and welcoming but we believe the church is like a hospital (think of it however you like – general or mental) where Jesus Christ is the Doctor. Expect to find naturally imperfect, broken and hurting people who are being renewed day by day as they listen and learn to follow the teachings of Christ. Like every great hospital, people with the worst of conditions prefer to go there for help so it is at LCC, we welcome all sorts of people. Some will be in Spiritual Rehab, some in Spiritual Intensive Care and if you hear a lot of noise it may be coming from the Spiritual Delivery Suite where some will be giving birth to the promises of God.

Our congregation consists of babies, kids, youth, young adults, singles, couples and the elderly. All from different backgrounds, walks of life, different cultures and races. Whoever you are, you are sure to fit in – come as you are. We don’t have have a dress code, we wear what we feel comfortable in, its okay to wear jeans to church.

The Sunday Service:
We normally start with prayer and bible study
Then Praise & Worship
Offering – you are not obligated to give, this is freewill giving.
Then the Preaching/Teaching of the Word
Then Alter call
Then Fellowship normally with a cup of coffee and sometimes meals.
However, we are not rigid to this format, we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

LCC offers a safe and fun environment for kids. After praise & worship all kids go into a different room under the supervision of loving adult volunteer workers where they have their children’s church.