messages For faith building

Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God. Take your time to learn and understand Christian principles from some of our messages below. It is through the word that we receive our deliverance, healing, peace and comfort. God speaks through His word.

Rick McFarland

Fundamentals of Faith

  1. Faith is the foundation for what we hope
  1. Faith brings what is in existence in the spirit realm into a physical existence in the natural world. Divine health is a spiritual reality that is yours in the Spirit realm. Healing power resides in your spirit man.
  1. Faith is the assurance that we have something although it is not seen physically
  1. Faith is the title deed of something we possess in the spiritual realm which cannot be seen in the physical


Preached Sunday November 11th 2018
@ Life Christian Centre

Suprine Murove

Who is guiding you in your Spiritual Journey?

God has given us seven guiding lights by which we can have Divine Guidance and avoid running aground. These are: 1. An inward Conviction/ Witness of the Spirit/ Revelation Knowledge 2. Confirmation in Scripture 3. Prophetic Confirmation 4. Godly Counsel 5. The Peace of God 6. Circumstantial Evidence
7. God’s provision

John Maunder

The Holy Spirit (His Nature & Purpose)

Pentecost, the day the church was birthed (Acts 2) saw a new focus on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. This is the day of fulfilment of the Old Testament scriptures and the empowering of both the church and individuals.

Holy Spirit